The church and the priory of Vernoil

A few meters from our holiday home, are the Romanesque church of the twelfth century and the priory of the fifteenth century, both listed in French heritage buildings, jewels of the architectural heritage of the village.

The church steeple was in ancient times known as the highest bell tower of Anjou.
It collapsed in December 1711 after a terrible earthquake, happily sparing parish and parishioners.
Since then, it has been rebuilt in hexagon tower, on the whole, quite elegant, on eighteenth-century frames that do not conform to the width of its walls, and a less dominant position.
The town has been committed for several years to a heavy program of restoration of the church, which allowed the reopening of the church in spring 2019.

During the European heritage days 2019, on September 21 & 22th, the church will be opened from 10 am to 6 pm

Just backwards the church, the 15th century priory with its octagonal tower and its suite of houses leaning against each other.

At the back of the priory, extends a mall, flowered garden, with its lawns and bowling alleys, meeting place for the players of petanque in Vernoil.

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