the Boule de fort game

boule de fort

There is on the place du champ de foire in Vernoil-le-Fourrier, two Boule de Fort societies. This game is specific to the region Touraine, Anjou, Loire Valley. It was born in the 17th century probably created by the Loire sailors, and is registered as intangible heritage of the countries of the Loire Valley.

The track is curved, like the bottom of the gabarres (ships on the Loire river) from which could come the game, and the ball, in wood for the oldest ones or in resin for the modern ones, is rather an asymmetrical cylinder, circled of metal , with a heavier side: the strong, and a lighter side, the weaker. It is played as a team, slipper on the track, and as petanque to get closer to the “Small”, white ball. Depending on the type of throwing, the ball will have a more or less curved trajectory, accentuated if we use the curved edges of the track.

I invite you to watch this report and perhaps to push the door of one or the other of Vernoil’s ball games, maybe you will have the chance to see a competition, or get started by a member or even, like me, by a champion of Boule de Fort.