Jules Desbois Museum

This year, at the Jules Desbois museum, an exhibition entitled “The artist workshop”, which includes some sculptures of Jules Desbois, the child of the Parçay  Les Pins, small village in the nearby, and pictures of the artist workshop,  friend of  Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel ,  from the realistic current  in nineteenth-century sculpture.

While passing on the road from Noyant to Vernoil, I had always wondered what was this museum located in the Angevin countryside, well, this year, on the occasion of this exhibition and the guided tour that gently offered to me the young woman at the museum’s reception, that’s it, I’ve discovered it!

Jules Desbois, born in Parçay les pins, a few meters from his museum, was a friend, a young colleague   of Auguste Rodin, and Camille Claudel, whose vision of realistic sculpture he shared, definitely not academic.

After the war of 14,   the revival of interest for the sculpture benefited to Jules Desbois, for official orders of towns, who wanted  to sit  with this art the figures of the Third Republic, the tributes to the soldiers died for France, and to offer to the most of the strong symbols of the government.

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