Beautiful sight from Saumur castle

If you spend the afternoon or the evening in Saumur, it is wonderful to admire the panorama of the castle of Saumur. You park your car on the banks of the Loire river on a parking at the foot of the ramparts and start the assault!
It begins with a small flight of steps to discourage cyclists, but then the climb is gently sloping by a large secure path that winds on the rock on which are built fortifications.
Along the way, you have beautiful views on the Loire river.
When you arrive at the foot of the castle, you have the full view: on one side the castle bordered by an arpent vine, on the other the Loire, the bridges of Saumur, the island between the bridges. that’s wonderful.
You can refresh yourself at the aptly named refreshment bar: the panorama, or cross the drawbridge and prefer the guinguettes inside the ramparts.

  • Au pied des remparts - The ramparts

Then you can continue the visit of the interior of the castle, if time permits, or just like us from the castle walls and its fabulous views. Your children or you can disguise yourself as a knight the moment of the photo!
For lazy people, you can get to the castle esplanade by car, but it’s less picturesque