Play tennis during your holiday

Two quick tennis courts and a training wall await you at the exit of Vernoil, in front of the old campground.
 Tennis cour in March The net is present from Easter to All Saints, it is removed in winter.
To obtain the access key, you must ask the Riton bar in Vernantes or in the café du Centre in Vernoil (open every day, except wednesday afternoon and Sunday, yo can get the key in advance on Saturday).

Stroll in the antiques

If you like antiques, adore flea markets or junk shops, know that are organized every

  • Second Sundays of the month in Montsoreau along the banks of the Loire River
  • Fourth Sundays of the month in Saumur at La Brocante du Théatre (between Bilange Square / Franklin Roosevelt Street)

An antique shop L’Ile au temps is settled in Vernantes (40 Saumur road), closed on week-end, must be called before visit 02 41 67 22 83
We have not be there yet

The Brocante Le chineur opened in Vernantes on the road to Vernoil, the store is open in the afternoons from Thursday to Sunday, and public holidays. Closed on the 4th Sunday of the month.

The Brocante de la Vallée at Beaufort en Vallée in the afternoons from Wednesday to Sunday.

Horse and pony riding

manege du haras de la mouline

Fans of horse riding competitions are well acquainted with the stud farm of La Mouline in Vernoil-le-fourrier, famous for its horse racing competitions and for other complete competitions, monthly rendezvous for the future champions.
But our guests can also discover or discover the pleasure of riding a few minutes from the old school.

On 2019 August 3rd to 6th, horse riding competition

doubles poneys au box

The equestrian center has Shetland ponies, double ponies or horses to learn how to ride a horse from 3-4 years old, current in the quarry or ride, with parents for toddlers.

2020 rates (to be confirmed), 12 euros half an hour for shetland ponies, between 17 and 20 euros per hour for the biggest, 50 euros half-day hikes for experienced riders

More info in french on the website

Pottery and Ceramics artcraft

My passion for pottery started around a decade ago during a pottery class.

I was fascinated by the process of transforming a lump of clay into something functional or aesthetically pleasing.

If you’ve ever been the slightest bit intrigued about how bowls, vases, and planters are made, take a break from the daily grind and experience an interesting activity.

Discover with your family a manual activity during your stay in the Old School, it is possible, at the Atelier du chat potier (Potter Cat Workshop) which offers pottery workshops, for children or adults, during the school holidays or to organize on request some lessons for 3 people:

The Atelier du Chat Potier is pleased to open its doors from February 23rd to 25th and March 2nd ant 3rd  for children,, and on February 27th for adults

You can contact Viviane Lechat on her website


Located about twenty kilometers from the cottage of the old school, through the woods and La Breille les pins, this small vineyard village is known for its troglodyte houses: two good restaurants (the Hélianthe, the Bistroglo) are settled there, if you want to test the atmosphere of this type of installation in the heart of the rock.

You will also find in Turquant the museum of la pomme Tapée (tapped Apple) , also installed in the cliff, which traces the secrets of making a culinary specialty of the region.

Fontevraud abbey

Located 25 km from our holiday rental through the woods of La Breille pine trees, you should visit the site of the abbey famous for the recumbent Plantagenet family including Aliénor of Aquitaine and Richard Coeur de Lion who are buried in the abbey church.
The monumental cloister and the very curious kitchen tower

First fouée

During your stay in the East Anjou region, near Saumur, I advise you to taste this regional specialty (no more than 50kms round).
You can order it if you go at the restaurant but also, if you are there on Monday, stop at night from 5PM to 10 PM at Johnny’s truck, on the town hall square in Vernantes at Beyl’s pizza.
First fouée The fouée is a small ball of dough, which swells when it cooks at the corner of its wood fire oven, to form a kind of hollow pancake. It is cut and stuffed with a choice of salty (rillettes, rillons, goat cheese or other) or sweet (nutella, salted butter caramel, jam) …
The savor is between pancake, blini and pita bread, but it is eaten hot.
Johnny sells them either garnished for 3 euros, or natures, it’s up to you to find an accompaniment at your place (5 euros for 5, 8 euros for 10) to order at 06 76 14 72 95 before 6PM.