Covid protocol


As usual + front drawer of the kitchen

Then with a paper towel with household alcohol (in low vanity unit) / or javel bleach (in upper bathroom) on door handles, window handles, drawer handles, handles for household utensils (toaster, kettle, oven, microwave, hood, dishwasher, washing machine, multiple sockets) and wall switches

In bathroom, bleach on taps, flush handle, toilet seat, showers, groundfoor  bathroom mirror cabinet

Change film on tv remote control

Stair railing, mezzanine railing

Red notebook, watering can handle left outside tap


Only one person to go around the house with you and with a mask he precedes you and you guide him

Print this covid protocol and welcome pages (to review and put an ex in red notebook)

Have a paper towel or kleenex in your hand (but preferably let the person do it) to possibly handle door or drawer handles, ramp or switch

Keys available in the small office, red notebook and guestbook on the table


Bed linen removed by tenants and 1st machine for sheets / pillowcases launched at 60 °

if they have not brought towels (foreigners with rental car), provide them by asking them to wash them first at 60 °

Windows opened by tenants in bedrooms and bathrooms except in the case of rain (watch out for drafts to avoid slamming of glass doors)

 Only 1 person to go around the house for inventory

Unless exception, I leave at least 1 day between exit and entry